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Flame Safe Chemical manufactures a complete line of fire retardant coatings, fire retardant penetrants and fire retardant sprays that meet or exceed industry’s fireproofing standards. The effectiveness of Flame Safe’s fire retardant products are well documented.

Fire Poly™ FP100 CLASS A UL TYPE 1
Fire Poly™ FP100 interior high intumescent fire retardant coating ASTM E2768; Intertek- OSB-fire rated flame spread.0; smoke generation 40; I-joists-fire rated flame spread 0, smoke 80
Fire Poly™ FP100 CLASS A UL TYPE 1
Fire Poly™ FP100 interior/exterior high intumescent fire retardant coating ASTM D2898; SWRI- fire rated flame spread.<5; smoke generation 115

Fire Poly™ FP75 E ASTM E 84 CLASS A UL TYPE 1

Fire Poly FP75 E (ws)

Fire Poly™ FP75E exterior fire retardant coating [ASTM D2898 procedure] SWRI- fire rated flame spread<10; smoke generation 230
FIRE POLY™ FP75-E (ws) exterior fire retardant coating/penetrant [ASTM D2898] - stainable,paintable

CLASS A UL TYPE 1 Fire Poly™ FP75 I

Fire Poly™ FP75 I ws)

Fire Poly™ FP50

Fire Poly™ FP75I interior fire retardant coating - Maxim fire rated - flame spread 18; smoke generation 50 - semi gloss finish
FIRE POLY™ FP75-I (ws) interior fire retardant coating - coverage rate 166-200 sq. ft/gal - flat finish - paintable, stainable
FIRE POLY™ FP50 interior fire retardant coating - UL fire rated -flame spread. 20; smoke generation 140 - paintable - satin finish

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FIRE POLY™ FPCC formulated for fire retarding plastic pipe, composite, fiberglass, PVC, and polyurethane foam,and styrofoam foam. Testing at Southwest Research Institute FIRE POLY™ FPCC passed the International Maritime Organization Resolution A 753 (18) and ASTM F1173-95 test for plastic pipe. FIRE POLY™ FPCC fire retardant is used for marine and off shore composite piping systems. FIRE POLY™ FPCC is a binary fire retardant product. When ready for use combine the additive with the liquid Fire Poly as per manufacturer ‘s instructions. Apply in 3 light coats (600 sq.ft. /coat) allowing drying time between coats with a final coverage rate of 200 sq.ft/ gallon

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UL 723 TYPE 2
NFPA 255 UBC42-1

WOOD SAFE (formally J.D.P. 108) is an aqueous based resin that is colorless, odorless, non-toxic, and environmentally friendly fire retardant for interior use - UL fire rated f.s. 35; s.g. 95 - flat finish, paintable, stainable. Long term fire retardant protection, WOOD SAFE, can be applied to any type of wood such as yellow pine, douglas fir, SPF, cedar, oak, birch, walnut, and redwood. WOOD SAFE is applied in 3 coats (330-390 sq.ft. /coat) allowing drying time between coats, with the final coverage rate of 110-130 square feet to the gallon. WOOD SAFE creates a barrier to fire. The chemical reaction, when exposed to flame , creates an intumescing action causing the surface to bubble up and thereby creating barrier between the fire and treated material. Structures under construction can be effectively made fire safe. As soon as the surface is enclosed, spray all exposed interior surfaces such as studs, trusses, subfloor, joist and interior outside walls.

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ASTM-E-108 Class B

SHINGLE SAFE™ has been tested by Western Fire Center and is classified as a Class B fire retardant coating and by Southwest Research Institute and classified as a Class C fire retardant coating that meets the ASTM-E-108 [Burning Brand, Flying Brand, Spread of Flame and Intermittent Flame Exposure] classification for wood shingle roofs. The coverage rate for SHINGLE SAFE™ fire retardant is 120 -140 sq. ft. to the gallon. Apply by spray, beginning at the ridge and working down and across the roof surface. For optimum results, to inhibit or drastically reduce the wind tunnel or blow torch effect of fire in the attic area, fire retard the underside of the roof in the attic, as well as other substrates, including blown cellulose insulation with SHINGLE SAFE™.

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THATCH SAFE™ 1fire retardant coating is formulated to fire retard natural thatch, reed, bamboo, koa, cypress, and palm to comply with the ASTM E84 and the ASTM D2898 procedure. THATCH SAFE™ fire retardant will give a semi gloss appearance when applied that gradually changes back to the natural appearance.
THATCH SAFE ™ 2 fire retardant coating is formulated to fire retard synthetic thatch, reed, and bamboo, to comply with the ASTM E 84, ASTM E108 standard after the ASTM D2898 procedure. THATCH SAFE™ 2 fire retardant is a binary fire retardant. When applied THATCH SAFE™ 2 leaves a slight gloss that gradually changes back to the original appearance.

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FAR 25.853 A & B
NFPA 701, Cal1237.1 , Boston, New York-New Jersey Port Authority, Cal Tech 117-F, Section 1237.1, Title 19 Public Safety Code regulations from California, Fed.l Stand. 16 CFR (FF4-72)

FABRIC SAFE 1 is a fire retardant spray on coating for natural fabrics and most synthetic and synthetic blends. FABRIC SAFE can significantly reduce the hazard of fire because of its ability to double or triple the flashpoint ofr most materials. It forms a barrier which inhibits ignition of the fire treated material and restricts the char to the immediate area exposed to flame. FABRIC SAFE is a water based, clear, non-toxic, and odorless. The coverage rate of FABRIC SAFE is 300-500 square feet per gallon depending on the type and weight of the material being fire retardant treated. In most instance FABRIC SAFE is applied with a spray applicator. A sponge can be an effective method of applying FABRIC SAFE fire retardant on wallpaper and wall coverings. All textiles/fabrics lose some of their fire retardant qualities after deep cleaning, therefor re-treatment with FABRIC SAFE is advised to achieve maximum results. Pile or high tufted carpet in particular is suitable for FABRIC SAFE fire retardant treatment after deep cleaning.
FABRIC SAFE 2 for canvas tarps, awnings, tents, burlap, and hemp ropes can be used for both exterior and interior applications. FABRIC SAFE fire retardant for canvas can be applied by spray coating, brush or dipping. FABRIC SAFE for canvas is warranted for 5 years or 200 inches of rain whichever comes first.
This FABRIC SAFE fire retardant can be used on leather. Treat the leather from the back side only

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ASTM E162,

PPP -B -320 & 00636L

PAPER SAFE is a water-based, clear, odorless, non-toxic, and environmentally friendly fire retardant coating. Applied at a rate of 300 to 500 square feet to the gallon PAPER SAFE is an excellent fire protection for holiday/seasonal paper decorations . Before applying PAPER SAFE check for color fastness.
PAPER SAFE, formulated and developed specifically for the corrugated board, cardboard box and packaging industry is a fire retardant coating and penetrant. PAPER SAFE exceeds the United States Navy's fire retardant standard ASTM-E-162 (flame spread), as well as standard ASTM-E-662 (smoke generation). PAPER SAFE is an aqueous based resin that is colorless, odorless, non-toxic, and adds no appreciable weight. The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) - 30 Standard became effective September 1, 1991, which requires that combustible liquids in plastic containers be packaged in some sort of noncombustible shipping container. NFPA-30 is only concerned with the ability of the full assembly to pass the fire requirements of the U.L. Procedure Subject 2019. Flame Safe's PAPER SAFE as a component part will assist in the passing of the "Final Assembly Package Procedure".

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Cal. Admin. Code, Title 19, Public Safety, Art.3, Sec. 1264.3, "Christmas Trees"

dry grass

TREE SAFE is a fire retardant spray on coating primarily used for indoor Christmas trees. In addition, TREE SAFE acts as a wood preservative keeping the needles of the tree greener for a longer period of time. One quart covers up to an 8' tree. With a mist sprayer, start at the top of the tree and spray all branches and foliage. After spraying pour the remainder of the TREE SAFE into the stand reservoir mixed with water. Allow the tree to dry indoors or in a covered area.

TREE SAFE is an excellent fire protection on dry grass and brush. It’s application can slow or stop the advance of the flame front caused by winds in areas of exceptionally low humidity.

Wildfire Solutions. As a Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) partner, Flame Safe offers a substantial discount to homeowners and business in high risk fire areas.

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Flame Safe also manufactures fire retardant fabric products, such as it's trademarked FIREBUSTER™. The FIREBUSTER™ has been treated with a fire retardant chemical and shown in tests not to burn at temperatures exceeding 2000 degrees Fahrenheit. Tests conducted by Southwest Research Institute shows that the FIREBUSTER™ surpasses all requirements of the test procedure Cal 1237.1 by as much as 700%. Putting a FIREBUSTER™ over a fire will cut off the flow of oxygen thereby extinguishing the fire. It will eliminate the heavy smoke, while filtering the remainder.

FIRE TRIANGLEThree components are necessary for fire : fuel, oxygen, and a source of ignition. Although you need to eliminate only one of the three components to extinguish a fire, FLAME SAFE products produce outstanding results by eliminating two of these components.
FLAME SAFE treated products automatically react with fire or heat to convert combustible gases and tars to noncombustible carbon char, nitrogen, and carbon dioxide. This chemical reaction substantially increases carbon char and creates an intumescing action, causing the surface to bubble up and thereby keep the heat from regenerating. The nitrogen produced as a byproduct of the bubbling up action displaces the oxygen, thus smothering the fire. The intumescing action separates the fuel from the source of ignition. This "double protection" is one reason only FLAME SAFE products are authorized to bear the FIREBUSTERS™ trademark.

FLAME SAFE treated materials produce significantly less smoke. In many cases, smoke generation is reduced by as much as 50%, which is very important since smoke inhalation causes more deaths than fire. FLAME SAFE products are premixed and ready to apply and it requires little material preparation. In order to meet minimum FLAME SAFE standards for specific flammable materials, application must follow square foot coverage per sprayed gallon ratios. FLAME SAFE fire retardant coatings and products have passed national testing agency's certifications. When applied at prescribed coverage rates and in accordance to FLAME SAFE procedures, FLAME SAFE treated products will conform with applicable test results

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